Scrool Bedroom Set


At Wooden Valley, our goal is to bring you the best in contemporary furniture for your home. We are committed to quality craftsmanship in each piece of furniture that we produce. We know that quality is important when it comes to your bedroom. That’s why we have designed a complete set of bedroom furniture that can accommodate any bedroom décor or style. The Scrool Bedroom Set is the perfect addition to any home.

Availability & Sizes
Bed Size: W: 170 H: 40 D: 208 | W: 175 H: 132 D: 17
Nightstand Size: W: 63,6 H: 47,5 D: 50,5
Dresser & Mirror Size: W: 113,6 H: 81 D: 50,5 | W: 26,8 H: 81,8 D: 2,8
Wardrobe Size: W: 251 H: 213 D: 70


    Scrool Bedroom Set

    Regarding the used materials in the panel category mostly use 18mm chipboard (matt +high gloss), with mixed materials of(MDF – Profil – wood – Metal – Plastic ), in Soft category, we use a wide range of sponge 28Dns-36Dns with different amounts of filling materials (fiber 90gr-300gr) , concerning the structure we use Profil metal base supported with (Poplar wood – MDF- Alderwood – Chipboard ..) which depends on the model, as well as regarding the used fabrics we can share the quality test for each regarding panel items packing, in general, we use single wall cartons filled with corners protectors and strapon, for some accessory items and panel item parts we use double wall carton, all packed automatically with machines in shrink nylon, also for soft items, we use in general bubble nylon packing with two layers, and in some models mostly the wooden legs ones we add more protective materials around the legs, for sofas mostly with click-clack mechanism we use only flat nylon with on side supporting carton


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