Tyburn Glasss Coffe Table For Your Living Room

Tyburn Glass Coffee Table

Full Coffee Table Set For your Living room

Leah Glass Coffee Table

Black Coloured Top Coffe Table For Living Room

Eloise Glass Coffee Table

Cotswolds Chairs

Cotswolds Ottoman

Toby Ottman

Toby Ottoman

Carly Ottman

Carly Ottoman

Paolo Ottman

Paolo Ottoman

Baily Ottman

Baily Ottoman

Seraglio Ottman

Seraglio Ottoman

Anderson Sofa11

Anderson Sofa

Glory Sofa2

Glory Sofa

Sultan Sofa

Sultan Sofa

Flame Corner Sofa (Beige)
Circa Sofa

Milano Sofa

Glory Corner Sofa (Black)
Bajwa Sofa

Bajwa Sofa

White Color Coffee Table with stainless steel frame

Regent Glass Coffee Table


Manchester's BestLiving Rooms

When you’re decorating a living room, furniture placement is a critical decision. Most living rooms are multi-purpose – for chatting, relaxing, playing games, entertaining and watching TV. You want to make sure that you make the room user-friendly for all your activities when you plan your layout. Here are a few points to consider:

Find Your Focal Point. Red alert – it doesn’t have to be the TV! Your TV can take a secondary role in your space; a fireplace, large window with a view or even a substantial armoire can take centre stage.

Place Your Seats. Once you have a focal point, place your furniture around it. Two classic choices are:

  • Face-to-face arrangements where the sofa and accent chairs face one another and the focal point is centered at one end. Another chair is often placed directly opposite the focal point.
  • Side arrangements where the sofa faces the focal point and accent chairs are on either side of the sofa with the focal point to their side.

With both of these options, a second sofa, loveseat or chaise can take the role of the side chairs.

Leave the Walls! There’s no reason to anchor seating against the walls, especially if the room is sizable. Bring it forward and angle it to create interest and encourage conversation. Toby Ottoman says the sofa should be against a wall for a sense of stability. Perhaps…but that still leaves ample opportunity to bring other seating inward!